Successful organizations, profit and non-profit, must continually evolve or they start to decline…maintaining an organizational status quo is not possible in today’s environment.  Successful organizations are not reluctant to change, but embrace change as the assurance of their future. 
Unison Consulting can facilitate and lead your organization’s strategic planning process consistent with your organization’s mission and values, including:

  • Shared vision
  • Clear goals
  •  Achievable objectives
  •  Strategies and actions
  • Key performance indicators
Key components to the Unison approach to strategic planning are:  inclusion of key internal and external stakeholders, decisions based upon consensus building, observable and measurable outcomes, implementation accountability, and an internal and external communication plan.

Resilient organizations understand the interdependence of mission and financial stability.
Organizations have eliminated administrative positions to preserve their mission.  The reduction in administrative support results in workload demands that temporarily stress the organization’s resources. 
Unison Consulting can provide temporary expertise to:

  • Prepare grants
  • Develop and revise policies and procedures
  • Organize and lead the self-study process of Council on Accreditation
  •  Develop new program concepts
  •  Evaluate program outcomes
  • Construct continuous quality improvement process


email: rob@unisoncounseling.com

Unison Counseling does not process insurance claims.  Please consult with your insurance company regarding your out-of-network benefits. Colleagues—David Grove, LISW, and Renda Ross, Ph.D., share the Unison Counseling offices.  All three therapists manage their own referrals and business practices.
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